S-Lab is a London-based laboratory founded by Katharine Storr & Amrita Raja, engaged in considered, considerate design.


Katharine has worked on residential, cultural and institutional projects across the US, UK and Asia.  Before finding architecture, she spent time entertaining kids with bad math and science jokes as a professional tutor and exploring the design world through costume making for film and theater.  Katharine completed her Masters in Architecture at Yale University, and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Haverford College.  

Amrita's international design experience includes high-end residential and luxury hotel developments, institutional refurbishments, and private residential projects.  She is a food enthusiast of Zimmernian proportions with a newly developed interest in textile arts. Amrita completed her Masters in Architecture at Yale University, and undergraduate degrees in Interior Design and French at Virginia Tech.  

We believe...

  • Design is an experiment.  There is optimal; there is no perfect.  
  • People matter. Good design touches the breadth and depth of our humanness.   
  • Good design is a public right.  
  • Design thinking is scalable, from conceiving objects, to cities, to processes and abstractions.  
  • Everyday choices are design decisions: choose consciously.  
  • Design is personal. Somebody made it and you should have an opinion about it.  
  • Design is an approach to problem solving.  
  • Beauty matters, and ornament is not a crime.  
  • Collaboration is inspiration.  Sources are everywhere.   
  • Manifestos are always in progress. 

Have an idea for a collaboration? We would love to hear from you.